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About Us


We love to make you laugh

I think that laughter is good medicine and I love to entertain. As a matter  of fact, I started off with my brothers and cousins doing amateur movies when I was around 14 years old. They were all made just to try and get people to laugh. Of course, now I would be embarrassed to show ANYBODY those videos, but it was where it all started. I still think that humor is a great way to open up hearts and , with God working through it, a way He sometimes uses to give a break from the heavieness of life.


But it's more then "just funny"..........

While some of our videos are made to be "just funny" , most of our youtube videos are built around a scripture verse that we put into action through a skit or talk. It's a way to visit your homes and teach the scriptures as accurately as we know and make it REALLY fun at the same time. It's for kids AND their families. It's our hope that all ages would love and enjoy watching this show: That you would laugh and be ministered to and come into a deeper love for Jesus and walk closer to Him.  


Every Tuesday

So that's what the "Jordan Michael Tuesday" Show is all about. It's Julianna (my wife) and I and our children, friends and family. And  "no"! Tuesday is not really our last name, but it should help you remember that we post on youtube every other Tuesday! We'd love for you to come along and be part of what we're doing!